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Regenerative Injection Therapy


What is regenerative therapy and how can it help foot pain?


Regenerative injection therapy, also known as prolotherapy, is a promising and safe option for managing chronic pain caused by injured ligaments, tendons, joints, heels, and plantar fasciitis. It may also be helpful in reducing discomfort from arthritis and neuropathy. This form of therapy is a minimally invasive series of injections that stimulates the body's own natural healing process in a controlled manner to repair chronically damaged tissue.

When tissues are injured, the body responds naturally with inflammation and swelling. This response is the body's way of healing itself. However, this healing process can be delayed when treatment includes anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, NSAIDS, or cortisone to relieve swelling and pain.

Prolotherapy works in conjunction with the body's natural response. Unlike cortisone injections, which suppress inflammation, the goal of prolotherapy is to create a small amount of localized inflammation to help trigger the body's natural healing response and strengthen and repair the area. Injecting a mildly irritating substance, like dextrose, along with a local anesthesia and possibly vitamin B12 stimulates the regenerative process. These substances heal and strengthen the damaged tissues. Patients may experience bruising and a temporary increase in pain in the injected area because of the induced inflammation.

There have been many studies demonstrating the benefits of prolotherapy for people suffering from chronic pain or injury. Even those with long-standing injuries can have a positive response. This means that patients who have been living with conditions that have not responded to prior treatment have a chance of obtaining relief.

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