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Even though I don't recommend high heels, the reality is that women are going to wear them. They cause fat pad in the balls of the feet to wear dow, eliminating the body's natu- ral cushioning and protection. Over time, this makes it feel like your bones are actually hitting the pavement. Calluses may form and if you wear high heels for a long time, you may experience a burning, tin- gling sensation, or just intense pain. Sole Cushion™ is a new injection for the ball of the foot that stimu- lates collagen formation, providing a cushion when you walk. It uses an absorbable substance that is natu- rally found in the body to create a protective layer between the skin and bones of your feet. Defend yourself against further high heel abuse. Call today to see if this treatment can help you.

- Kerry Zang, DPM
Founder of the Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians

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Sole Cushion